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We focus on Court Room litigation: Investment law, Fraud & Contract Litigation.  When you fail to resolve problems amongst yourselves and its time to call Lawyers, call the Gerace Law Office.


Areas of Practices

Investment Law

If you’ve made investments and believe you have been defrauded, we will vigorously investigate your case and act on your behalf.


If you have been defrauded or drawn into a bad deal, don’t wait, call Gerace.

Contract Law

If you are the victim of broken promises or broken contracts, call Gerace.

Want Justice or Your Money Back or Both?

   GERACE is the PLACE!

Lost Money ? Victim of Fraud ?

Have you Lost Money in a Bad Investment or Loan? Are you a Victim of Fraud or Breach of Contract? The First Step Towards Getting Your Money Back is Also the Easiest. Call the Gerace Law Office to Arrange for a Free, Confidential Consultation.

Do you have a Case ?

If you’ve lost money in a fraud or bad investment, you may be entitled to recover all or a portion of your losses either through negotiations or through a litigation- and we will go to trial if necessary.

No-Cost Evaluation of Your Case

Investing or lending money isn’t supposed to be a gamble, especially when you’re relying on a “professional” like a bank or investment adviser.

Investment Advisor Responsibilities

  • Your Investment Advisor should  periodically review your investments to protect you from devastating losses and unwarranted risk.
  • Your Investment Advisor should advise you against risky investments when your investment goals, net worth, income, and age suggest you should be careful, especially if nearing retirement or in retirement.

Invest Advisors Should Not..

  • Take advantage of your trust.
  • Use partnership assets without your knowledge or consent.
  • Failed to protect you from unwanted risk.

Our Promise To You

The Gerace Law Office represents individual investors, business owners and shareholders who have lost money to stock market fraud, bad loans and bad investments in Real Estate,  Business Ventures and Private Placements.

Our Team

Our team at Gerace Law is dedicated to representing your needs in court. We will work closely with you to prepare your case to repair the damages done to you.



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